Validity Extension cover

Validity Extension

Instructor: SSEI MARKETS

Language: ENGLISH

Validity Period: 30 days

₹2000 50% OFF


Generally we don't extend the validity of any course but understanding everyone's issues, we are extending the validity for one month of the course. There are many processes involved in extension like activation and server cost which helps to run a class. A nominal charge of 1000 rupees is being charged for extension. After the payment is done, your class will be extended for one month. This course extension will be done only for this time, there will be no further extension of the course  after this even if you want to pay for the extension for whatever reason it might be. So decide wisely if you want to extend the validity of the course and choose the time period wisely so that you can complete the course within the one month extension because after the validity extension, you won't get another chance to extend it even if you want to pay for the extension. Most importantly, the email-id  and mobile number were used while registering for the course. The course validity will be extended only in that registered email-id and mobile number, validity won't be extended  through other email-id and mobile number.

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