Instructor: Tanish Mangal

Language: Hinglish

Validity Period: 180 days

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Technical Analysis course provides you powerful insights on profitable patterns and strategies supported by statistical analysis and accuracy of markets. We will provide the participants hands-on training on various technical analysis software. The course unravels the mindset of a successful trader. Psychology plays a significant part in trading in the markets. This course deals with understanding yourself before risking your first buck in the markets as approximately 75% of success in financial markets is attributed to Trading Psychology. Learn the art and science of trading with the help of substantial technical analysis of stocks, financial charts, trading strategies and more.

Visual Trading Advance course  not only helps you understand the profit target but also makes you aware you of the risks involved in the trade. This course teaches the ingredients of successful traders, unique ideas to trade in Intraday, Short term delivery, Swing trades. The course offered by SSEI Markets is different from regular technical analysis because our studies are based on logical & easy mathematical formulas, and are used by many successful traders, Brokers, and Fund Managers.



Visual Trading Advance (Technical Analysis) course comes with a substantial edge of being a part of a distinctive community of market participants & domain experts, with whom you’ll be given the opportunity to share your views or resolve your doubts on a regular basis. In this course you will be able to learn what technical analysis of stocks is & how future movement can be predicted using historical trends.

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